Nosferatu NFT Mint

Tuesday, 20th June 2023

Nosferatu NFT Mint, 20th June 2023

Sărbătorim 1 an de existență pentru #Demiourgos pe #multiversx. Prin aceasta, promovăm la nivel național întregul ecosistem @MultiversX, realizând în direct NFT-uri cu TV, radiouri, presă și influenți ca invitați la eveniment.

Vanzarea de bilete incepe in:

We can confirm now that a major live event will take place on the 20th of June for the Nosferatu NFT mint of 1400 blue chip collection that shares 50% of the film profit revenues for life. We will do the mint with 4 cameras live streaming Youtube & Facebook from Cinema Union, in Bucharest, with media press partners from Radio, TV, online, and newspapers. The event will be broadcasted nation-wide and promoted by a variety of newspapers, radios, media and televisions as "event partners".

We celebrate 1 year of existence for #Demiourgos on #multiversx. With this, we are promoting nationwide the whole @MultiversX ecosystem, by doing a live mint of NFTs with TV, radios, press, and influencers as guests to the event. Goal: Financial Education and understanding of DEFI/NFT/DAO true potential on Multivers X. We will speak about: - DEFI - DAO - NFT - Solutions for ARTS funding with #egld - 4 major cultural personalities from the film & theatre industry sharing #arts experiences - 4 projects from @multiversx invited on stage, sharing #crypto experiences

Nosferatu Live Streaming Mint event:

- 4 live camera streaming simultaneously similar to a "football broadcast"

- 5 PM local time, events start

- 6 PM local time, live streaming starts

- 6:30 PM local - 8:30 PM local time speakers & guests

- 9 PM local, the mint of Nosferatu NFT goes live!

Even program:

- 15 minutes X Crypto projects speakers from @MultiversX builders

- 15 minutes X major cultural personalities of Romania speakers on stage

- cocktail & Demiourgos anniversary after 9:30 PM

- crypto afterpart starting 11 PM

(automatically translated)

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